Codes under development (some codes are available under request):
  • Non Equilibrium Green Function (NEGF) code. It can simulate electrons and phonons in carbon nanotubes and graphene nano-structures.
  • Tight Binding models for silicon and graphene based nano-structures.
  • 1D and 2D Schrödinger/Poisson solver.
  • Xnet (joint development with CEA LIST). A system-level simulator of neuro-inspired networks based on memristive nanodevices.
  • Our Ensemble Monte Carlo simulator MONACO:
    1. Semiclassical release
    2. Full Band release
    3. Multi Subband release
    4. Last release including Wigner quantum transport equation solve

To perform our simulations, we operate a 62 CPUs Linux cluster, providing a total of 180 cores, with the Rocks Linux cluster distribution.

Our models use Fortran, C++ and Python.