Thermal management, energy harvesting and thermoelectric applications are becoming critical issues in nanoelectronics.

From the computational point of view, these new fields of research require challenging developments of models able to treat at the same level the transport of charges and phonons including their interactions at nanometer scale where classical macroscopic questions are irrelevant.

Our activity in this field is focused on silicon nanowires, graphene nanoribbons and functional oxides. We develop and use both semi-classical (BTE) and quantum (NEGF) approaches of transport.

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Self-heating in nano-transistors

We have developped an original tool that captures the out of equilibrium behavior of both the thermal and electron transports at the nano-scale.

The direct solution of the phonon transport equation (BTE) is self-consistently coupled to an Ensemble Monte Carlo simulator (stochastic solution of the BTE for electrons) which solves the electron transport.

This tool is used to investigate the self-heating in nano transistors.


– Graphene nano-ribbon designed for thermoelectric applications.

The TB-NEGF formalisms for both phonon and electron are used to investigate thermoelectric performance of nanostructured Graphene NanoRibbons.

– Thermoelectrics circuit: a multiscale approach.

A macroscopic simulator calibrated by previous physical models is used to investigate the potentiality of device in a realistic working environment.

  • Collaborations: Univ. Salamanca, Spain (EGIDE PICASSO) ; Lab. CRISMAT Caen, France

Contact: Jerome Saint-Martin