May 23

Comics meeting 17/05/2016

Present: Arnaud Bournel, Brice Davier, Philippe Dollfus, Thanayut Kaewmaraya , Alice Mizrahi, Marco Pala, Damien Querlioz, Jérôme Saint Martin, Tien Dat Tran, Adrien Vincent.


Last presentation in IEF!

Adrien, Multiple plasticity mechanisms in synaptic-like memory devices. pdf here

With Selina La Barbera (who fabricated the devices), Dominique Vuillaume & Fabien Alibart.

Man lost vs. AlphaGo computer… But the machine remains no energy efficient as for cognitive tasks. Elsewhere, a disruptive way also to find for processing data… Today all IT industry → 10 % of electricity. Less than 1/3 corresponds to the datacenters.

Focus on the synapse. More than neurons in the brain (1e15:1e11).

Here, synapses consist of Ag2S electro-chemical metallization memristive devices.

Resistance modulation thanks to a filamentary resistive switching → called « plasticity ».

Number/shape of filaments depends on the compliance current during the forming. Few/thin filaments = short term plasticity vs. Many/thick filaments = long term plasticity. → Different time scales for memory retention.

Modelling of the conductance evolution… Simple and short pulses, without the need of overlapping. Landscape of the conductance change, as a finction of the previous conductance and the delay between programming pulses. …

System level simulator…

MTJ are more flexible… But much lower on/off ratio.

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