May 19

Réunion Comics 18/12/2014

  • Truong presentation : hybrid states in BN/Graphene interface
  • Polyphase Si/Ge nanowires


Présents : Michele Amato, Arnaud Bournel, Philippe Dollfus, Jérôme Larroque, Viet Hung Nguyen, Jérôme Saint Martin, Su Li, Tran Van Truong.

General news

Many deadlines in January for conferences… Group lunch to be planed.


A few papers analyzing bands, wave functions, by focusing on the bandgap.

Edge states in zigzag nanoribbons… → Zero velocity. Improving the edge velocity, as in topological insulator?

BN-Graphene heterostructures… B-C connections, studied by 2NN TB + decaying potentials. Why decaying potentials? … Not essential for the results.

Hybrid edge states, with negative group velocity, in addition to usual flat states.

Structure with 2 interfaces : BC—CB or BC—CN. Graphene sandwiched between two BN layers. Non zero bandgap in the second case, with positive velocity at edge states → 7.4.105 m/s.

BC interface generates downward hybrid states while NC induces upward states.

Stability of hybrid states…

A satisfying effective model.

Hung : how to distinguish edge states and bulk states?

Phi : gate controllable edge states?

Michele : the study would be more convincing by using DFT.

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