May 23

Comics group meeting oct 23, 2014

  • News : 8 ANR proposals sent, intership proposals are now, GDRs…
  • Presentation : Jerome, Full bad MC code for phonons
•Intership subjects, it is now !!!
•Papers : Hung 2 on twisted graphene, Mai Chung 1 Strained graphene, Philippe review+2 about QD (noise+ZT), Adrien+Damien
•Conf. ,
•ANR project applications 8 : Graphene, ZT Ge wire, CMOS Fil InAs, JCJC DFT, HIPPONE, Boltzmann’s machine, nanocristal Ge + fil SiGe core shell IM2NP (Berbezier) optique
•New GDR thermoelectrics, possible but no fundings from CNRS and New DGRi micro and nano heat transfer. IEF involved and funginf possible
* Brief Summary of ‘journées du GDR thermoélectricité” and “eurotherm” Comics_meeting_23oct2014<
* Presentation by Jerome L “Phonon transport in silicon nanowires Using a Full-Band Monte carlo approach”
ppt here

Next meeting the speaker will be Adrien

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