May 18

Comics meeting 18/09/2014

* News : papers and conf


Presents : Michele Amato, Arnaud Bournel, Christophe Chassat, Philippe Dollfus, Jérôme Larroque, Van Duy Nguyen, Viet Hung Nguyen, Damien Querlioz, Jérôme Saint Martin, Su Li, Tran Van Truong, Adrien Vincent.


Hung has accepted a new post-doc position in Comics group, on thermoelectric Ge nanowire, till the end of 2015.

Jongyoon has defended his intern last month. Computation of thermoelectric properties in Si bars thanks to Monaco (non self-consistent simulation). Not so easy as expected, due to injection… I(V) for different temperature gradient.

Duy will defend next week… Then PhD in november.

Hung’s paper accepted in APL, on enhanced theromelectric figure of merits in vertical graphene junctions. Also that of Mai Chung in SST. And Truong’s paper published in APL, Trang’s paper on self heating published in JAP…

Conferences: Intl Symp on Graphene Dev by Philippe in Seattle next week, also Hung in Anneual meeting of the GRDI Graphene in Strasbourg. At the end of October, GDR Nanowires in Toulouse with Michele and Jérôme L. GDR Thermoélectricité in Thiais October 13-14 (CNRS lab on chemistry and materials…). Jérôme *2 in Lyon for Eurotherm in October…

Next ANR Call… Michele proposal in preparation (for young researchers part).

A recent Nano Letters paper sent by Jérôme SM on tunable transport gap in Phosphorene… With high mobility…

Next meetings

October 23th: Jérôme L.

November: Adrien

December: Truong

January: Li


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