logoPSud The COMputational nanoelectronICS (COMICS) research group is part of the Nanoelectronics Department at the  Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (C2N), a laboratory jointly operated by the CNRS and Université Paris-Sud, and located on the Orsay campus of the university. Logo-C2N-quadri

Our Skills

  • Physics of nanodevices: out-of-equilibrium transport, quantum effects…
  • Development of modelling tools: particle Monte Carlo simulator, band structures, atomistic Non Equilibrium Green Function simulator
  • New device concepts
  • Materials modelling: structural, electronic, and transport properties of nanostructures

Main research topics

  • Nanoelectronics: beyond CMOS devices on Silicon or III-V heterostructures, quantum dots and graphene based devices.
  • Thermoelectrics: Nanoscale heat transport, coupled electron/phonon transport and thermoelectric devices for energy harvesting.
  • Nanodesign: novel design approaches for low power computation using artificial synapses.

Contact: Jerome Saint-Martin
Keywords: Simulation, Monte Carlo, NEGF, nanoelectronics, thermoelectrics, graphene, Wigner, Boltzmann, MOS, transistor, resonant tunneling diode (RTD), transport, electrons, phonons, neural network, synapse, bioinspired.

Comics meeting 17/05/2016

Present: Arnaud Bournel, Brice Davier, Philippe Dollfus, Thanayut Kaewmaraya , Alice Mizrahi, Marco Pala, Damien Querlioz, Jérôme Saint Martin, Tien Dat Tran, Adrien Vincent. News Last presentation in IEF! Adrien, Multiple plasticity mechanisms in synaptic-like memory devices. pdf here With Selina La Barbera (who fabricated the devices), Dominique Vuillaume & Fabien Alibart. Man lost vs. …

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Réunion COMICS 15/3/2012

Bilan : arrivée Dong Zhe, resultats IWCE, dmd thèse, projet ANR progelec Point Biblio : des papiers contradictoires sur le graphène Présentation Vincent : bruit grenaille et boite Q puis un peu de thermoelec sur SET

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Analytical Macrospin Modeling of the Stochastic Switching Time of Spin-Transfer Torque Devices

Vincent, A.F., Locatelli, N. ; Klein, J.-O. ; Zhao, W.S. ; Galdin-Retailleau, S. ; Querlioz, D. IEEE transactions on electron devices 62, 164 (2015).

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Shell-Thickness Controlled Semiconductor–Metal Transition in Si–SiC Core–Shell Nanowires

Michele Amato and Riccardo Rurali Nano Lett., 2015, 15 (5), pp 3425–3430 DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b00670

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